Travis Martin is a designer, art director, and human.

Arizona Coyotes

(2015)         Brand strategy, campaign concept, art direction, and design for the Arizona Coyotes.

                After years of uncertainty and poor fan engagement, the Coyotes approached us to help shift the narrative. The team had spent years trying to fit into the sports landscape and prove that they belonged. Instead, we turned that outsider mentality into a point of pride–developing a comprehensive brand inspired by their diehard fanbase. We created an unapologetic new voice and brash visual language to match.

︎︎︎  Featured in Fox Sports, ESPN, and USA Today.

Agency: 160over90
Team: Nick Micale (Copywriting), Tammo Walter (ECD)
Role(s): Campaign Creative, Brand Strategy, Art Direction, Design
︎︎︎   Additional imagery courtesy of 160over90

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